Terms and Conditions

Identity of the website's responsible

The present website is a property of Hámedida Lda, Rua Barão do Corvo, nº 1056, sala 4, 4400-038, Vila Nova de Gaia, registred company in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Vila Nova de Gaia, with the Fiscal number 510284906.

Conditions of use

The use and sales promoted in this website are regulated by the conditins and privacy policy.

By using this website or to carry out a purchase, the user is recognising it read, understood and acepted without reservations, the present Terms and conditions.

These conditions may be subject to changes in the future. Thus it is the user's responsability to do a periodic reading, since the valid conditions are to be applied at the moment of use of the webpage or purchase.

No content of this site can be reproduced, downloaded, relaied or modified without previews written consent from Hámedida Lda.

Hámedida reserves the right to alter without previous warning the information about products, prices and remaining services and comercial conditions of this website.


The user may order online, at this website.

To make the order, the use must fill in all the oligatory infomation, conceding its personal data.

At the moment of order, the user acepts, plain and completely, the general sale conditions, prices and the product description contemplated in the transaction.

Product availability

All the product orders are subject to their availability

Hámedida will inform the user of the inexistence of the ordered products on stock or of any other reason wich makes impossible the supplying of said products.
In case of impossibility of supply Hámedida will reimburse the user the ammount it may have paid.

Hámedida doesn't take any responsability for the non delivery of a package due to exceptional circunstamces, even after comfirmation, being only obliged to comunicate to the user of the situation and procede to the return of the previously carried out payments.

Impossibility of delivery

Deliveries are carried out Monday to Friday, to the address provided by the user. In case of impossibility of the user to be at the delivery site, na alternative address should be provided or Hámedida should be contacted.

Hámedida can't change the delivery address from the moment the packages are shipped.

If after two tries it is not possible to carry out a delivery, the contract will be terminated without the right to reembursment of the payed ammounts including shipping fees.


In agreament with the rules and regulations in force, the prices established in Hámedida's Website should be taken to mean euros, with rates and included taxes.

The presented price for each product doesn't include shipping fees of said product but includes the VAT rate held in Portugal at the delivery date.

The prices and specifications are subject to changes without previews warning.

When treating your delivery any error in pricing that may have been presented in the website, due to technical anomalies, will be detected, the user being imediatelly contacted to accept or cancel the delivery in case the actual price of the product is superior to that on the page.

If the actual price of the ordered product is inferior to that shown on the page the difference between the real price and the payed ammount is returned.

Returns and exchanges

According with the applicable norms in the articles 10th to 17th of the decree number 24/2014 from February 14th, the user may give up the product, without indication of reason, until 14 days after the delivery date, excluding measured or personalized products, unless they are defective.

Shipping costs and return must be dealt by the user.

The user may exercise the waivering right by any means allowed by law, considering, in any way, legally exercised that right through the delivery of waivering information.

This doesn't afect the other rights recognesided to the consumer by the legislation in force.

The user's waivering right applies, exclusively, to the non measured or personalized products and that are returned in the same conditions in wich the user received them, in the original package and together with all the documents.

After return, the product will be examined by Hámedida, wich will verify its conditions.

No reembursement will be carried out if the product has been visibly utilized behind the simple oppening of said package or if there's been any damage.

The responsability for any damage, as well as the loss of the products, during its return, are of the exclusive responsability of the user.

If the user reckons that the product, at the moment of delivery, doesn't meet expectations there should be imediate contact with our team by e-mail or phone.

The collected product will be examined by Hámedida, wich in case of confirmation in line with the user's request, will comunicate, by e-mail, the substitution of said product in a reasonable term.

The substitution of the returned product, in the present terms, is conditioned to the availability of said product.

In case of impossibility of replacement, the ammount payed for the returned products, accounting for their awry state, will be reembursed to the user, in its entirety, including shipping fees for the delivery of the product.

The products aquired in the website can't be exchanged.

Color variations

The fabric color may be diferent from the photos viewed in your monitor and the delivered package, Hámedida doesn't take any responsability over this color variation.

There may also occur slight variations in fabric structure, wich are inevitable, thus these variations can't be considered product defect.

The user can allways ask Hámedida for a fabric sample.

Applicable jurisdiction and legislation

To the present sale conditions portuguese law is applicable.

In case of failure to find an agreement from both parts, any litigation emerging from the present Conditions of Sale will be undergone to the jurisdiction of Porto's Judges and Courts.