Statement of Privacy

The Ha measure guarantees respect for the confidentiality of all data provided by users.
The Hámedida undertakes to not give in to outside parties the personal information of users.
All processing of personal data will be done in accordance with applicable law.
According to paragraph 4 of article 10 of Law no. 67/98 of 26 October, with regard to security conditions relating to the collection of information on open networks, all employees of Hámedida, are covered by the duty of secrecy and confidentiality of the data of their users.
Users can change at any time electronically, your data and deactivate the subscription Newsletters.
Users are entitled to change and cancel your data at any time or express their willingness to disable any kind of communication, by contacting the Hámedida, electronically or by letter.
Although take into account every possible precaution to protect user data, the Internet is an open network, so the user's personal data, other personal information and all content hosted on the service may move in without security network , running even the risk of being accessible and used by unauthorized third parties for the purpose, neither the Hámedida be liable for any act which does not derive from its own negligence.
Access to information is restricted, being done only to fulfill your order, from making the same, payment, delivery channels to the user support.
Where necessary updates will be made in the privacy policy, and any changes are always communicated on the site.